Company History

The Coluccio family entered the construction industry in the 1920s, when Joe Coluccio immigrated to Seattle from Italy. Upon arrival in the US, Coluccio began working as a laborer, digging ditches and performing odd jobs. Joe worked on early era wood-stave pipelines and dug tunnels by hand. His work ethic and pride for quality resonates throughout the Company culture today.

After working with his father for several years, Joe's eldest son, Frank, decided to form his own Company in 1953, and Frank Coluccio Construction was born.  Frank was soon joined by his father, brother and uncle.  Their hard work and diligent efforts for several decades grew the Company to become one of the largest underground utility contractors in the Pacific Northwest. The Company is currently owned and operated by Frank's three sons: Joe, Franco and Nick.

To this day, Frank Coluccio Construction is proud to remain family owned and operated and is one of the most respected names in the industry.