Ala Moana, Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation (Honolulu)

Client: City and County of Honolulu

The largest bypass in the history of the State of Hawaii required adaptation of pipeline infrastructure to fulfill the bypass flow rate needs. Coluccio teams fused 18,600 LF of 18" HDPE pipe on site to meet the six 3100-foot long HDPE pipeline requirement. Six 12" pumps and two 10" pumps were required to meet the 45 MGD flow requirements, but after set-up and testing, capacity capability was 96MGD at peak flows.

While working around multiple road crossings, suction lines running underneath a busy state thoroughfare, and multiple vents and bends, Coluccio attacked all issues individually to provide optimal results for the City and County of Honolulu. Teams paid particular attention to placement of materials and necessary adjustments to existing conditions. Rigorous planning created workflow that enabled ongoing operations for road crossings, utilities and traffic.

Coluccio teams completed the project in half the estimated time, achieving a zero spill rate, which was a major goal requested by the City of Honolulu.