Beachwalk WWPS to Ala Moana Park (Honolulu)

Client: City and County of Honolulu

In a high profile and extremely technical project, Coluccio teams faced a tight schedule to meet an EPA-mandated project completion by the end of 2012 for the area's Sewer Phase 1, Force Main System. Coluccio completed five 72" microtunnel drives totaling 5800 LF and constructed five shafts at 45-foot deep. One of the five drives was the first multiple curved drive in North America at 1241 LF.

Each shaft location had its own unique set of challenges. Several locations had multiple entities, which dictated where construction needed to take place. Working conscientiously, Coluccio met the needs of each entity, creating minimal impact to the community, while providing an excellent product for the client.

Coluccio assigned multiple crews, who worked simultaneously at different project sites, in a coordinated effort to meet the EPA time frame.